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The company is called OBS24 because it is manned 24 hours a day and can deploy anywhere in the world within 24 hours using commercial or private air charter companies. Formed to fill the need for a professional, adaptable and flexible company in the International market OBS24 has a simple philosophy Professionalism in every area. This philosophy is in every aspect of the company.

We provide, but are not restricted to, security in the following areas of expertise. Maritime security, Aviation security, luxury Yacht security, Oil tanker and Cargo ship security, Terminal and Port security, Offshore Platform security, Pipeline security, Country and City risk forecast, Risk Management, Asset Protection, Crisis Management and Contingency planning, N.G.O. Aid protection and Anti-Piracy security, Child Recovery unit Executive close protection services, Crisis management and Contingency planning,Compound and escort security for reconstruction groups, Hostile environment life support services,Counter terrorism training, TCSM support services.

Our clients are assured of an effective and speedy response from our specialist teams of senior security consultants and operations teams who are drawn from ex special forces backgrounds either SAS, SBS, Marine ,Airborne or other specialist military or civilian backgrounds. All have extensive experience of working in hostile backgrounds including some of the most dangerous conflicts the world has seen in the last 20 years. We pride ourselves on being a multi national company and this is reflected in the make up of our teams which include some of the most experienced personnel from around the world only those who pass our rigorous background checks and are known to our other experienced operatives for their skill sets and work ethics pass selection for employment by us, of those applying less than 10% are even considered. We are further enhanced by our advisory board of senior retired Police Officers and retired high ranking Military personal.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism and ability to deliver corporate tailor made solutions to our clients always putting the clients interests first. Our major goal is professionalism; our greatest strength is that we are still fundamentally dedicated to reaching it for every client and employee, our other great strenth is our ability to think on our feet and outside of the box delivering real time solutions to events as they happen.

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